April 22, 2016


So sorry for the lack of posts. This week has been crazy and it will be like this for a while.
I decided to cut down working hours tho, it's too much right now, I have barely time to sleep, let alone have a normal life, haha! Okay, it's not funny. I'm tired as hell... The day before yesterday I was just crying before work, because I was sooooooo tired and didn't want to go.
Today I will have a free evening, well I do have to go to work today and tomorrow, BUT I have 18 hours between shifts, so it feels like a little vacasion :-) Aaaaand my boyfriend got a promotion so he will go out and celebrate and I have the whole apartment to myself!
 Sometimes it's good to be alone and enjoy your own company :-) I'm gonna watch some really bad movies and eat a lot and sleep. Haha, I'm so old! Couple of years ago I would have gone loco for not going out if i had a change.


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