August 30, 2016


Yup, still sick. Now I have a sore throat and a cough. This really sucks! I should be doing stuff, like packing (I don´t know if I told you already, but we are moving) and also I don´t have any clean clothes. But at least my diet is going well, since I don´t feel like eating at all, haha! I´m going to the doctor today, to see if I can get better drugs and maybe one more day (night) off from work. I have no idea what to write here, my brain is going so slow, hehe.

Maybe I should tell you about our trip? 
The whole week was really sunny and warm. The water was crystal clear. All and all it was a beautiful place. But I wasn´t so impressed. Everybody is always telling how great Barcelona is and yes it sure was. But much less that I expected. Or maybe I was expecting too much? 

When we went to US, I did not expect it to be any special. Well you know, here in Europe we are trained to hate USA just a little bit. Or to be at least a little suspicious. But I just LOOOVED it! I was ready to move there permanently right away, haha! It was the best trip I have ever done. It is a shame that it is almost impossible to get a working licence in US.  But we have talked about it with my boyfriend that if we ever get a change, we will definitely do it. It was something about the atmosphere, it was positive. And sure, it might have been fake positive, but who cares, at least they try, haha!

I´m losing the topic, but whatever. Barcelona was great, but I didn´t get that feeling that I just have to come back, like I did from Hong Kong and Florida. 

I have to start to get ready for the doctor. 


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