August 29, 2016


When in Spain, drinking sangría is a must. 
At least it was for us. And man, it was gooood! I haven´t tasted sangría this good like ever. 

We actually did quite a lot drinking down there, well more than we usually do. I almost never drink here in Finland and I can´t even remember the last time I was drunk. Just doesn´t feel the same anymore, now that I´m older. I get so much anxiety the next day and I hate the feeling of losing control. So better not to drink then.

I am still feeling so bad, my nose is blocked, I am sweating like a little pig and I have no energy what so ever. Hate this! I managed to film a little video tho, before I felt like shit again. It is just that my computer is so old and slow, so I don´t know is I´m ably to load it... Lets see.


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