September 5, 2016


Damn it was windy when we took these photos yesterday! That is why I´m holding my hair in so my pics, it just wouldn´t stay still, haha! And seems like it was a hard job, since later I noticed that my armpits are wet, hahaha! Well, whatever. That happens I guess.

I finally made up my mind what to do with my job situation and I´m happy with it. Well, scared, but happy. 

Last night when we were sleeping I woke up to a really loud music. Half asleep I said to my boyfriend that it so annoying when people party on Sunday, when you need the good night sleep. I added that it is weird, tho, that it is almost like the music is coming from our living room. Then I woke up and realized that the music IS really coming from our living room. Turns out that the TV went on by itself again. And it was weird, because the screen was connected to Playstation and not in the TV and yet the TV was really on, channel 1 was playing the music that they have after shows... Spooky.
And in the morning both our balcony doors were open (it is a double door). It was cold as hell in the apartment. I´m so glad we are moving, this shit always scares the crap out of me. I mean this wasn´t the first time the TV went on in the middle of the night. And one time our apartment door was wide open and I always check that it is locked before I go to sleep. 
In the morning I was dead sure that there was a murderer waiting for me in the living room, haha! 

The green tunic is from Sokos, it is Marc O´Polo and the pretty floral shoes are from Geox, also bought from Sokos.

Have a nice start of the new week!


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