September 11, 2016


We found our kitchen table!!! I´m so happy about that, the table is really pretty :-)
I can´t tell you how much I already wanna move in and decorate the whole apartment. So freaking exited!!!

I woke up at 2pm today, after a night at work. It was pretty good, I usually try to get up little bit earlier, just that I can sleep the next night. So tomorrow I will go and sign the contract and then we will get the keys to our beautiful new apartment. It is rental, as is this one, my boyfriend wanted to buy an apartment, but they are so expensive in this part of Helsinki, where I want to live, so it will have to wait, until we are rich, haha! And to be honest, I don´t know how long we are going to live here, so I don´t really see the point. We have been talking about moving abroad, if it´s possible some day (you know, there are so many things to make that really happen, like jobs, apartment etc. so it is not happening in the near future, but yeah, hopefully some day). My dream countries are US, Costa Rica or England. Maybe Sweden? Or Canada? Haha, so many!

Oh, this was what I was wearing today (still am), The dress I bought from H&M in Barcelona and the belt and shoes are sooooo old, I have no idea where they are from. Pretty much all my stuff is old... But I don´think normal people need to have a closet full of clothes. Few simple items is plenty enough, it´s easy to change the outfit completely when you just put some accessories to it or strip the outfit down.
(Btw, the pretty necklace is from Silver Bar Finland and you can change it to a short necklace, bracelet and ankle bracelet. Talk about versatile jewelry, right?)

So as I told you, we bought the kitchen table. We also might have our couch (not the one I was talking about before, we found even a better one today). So that leaves us with just a table to the living room, a big mirror (also found a good one today, gonna buy it later when we have a van) and a tv table. That´s pretty much it. Well, lots of small stuff, ofc, but we get those in time. 

Before we did all the furniture shopping, we ate some Asian Fusion food. Sushi and Chinese. It was good. That place is not for you if you want super fancy food, but if you are hungry and want to eat cheap, it is a place for you. And us. We were so hungry, I almost felt sick, because I ate when I got home from work and then 8 hours later I was starving, haha! 

Okay, gotta go now, to watch the last episode of Narcos (I´m sad it´s over soon, such a great show...)


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