September 21, 2016


No, this is not going to be one of those "I just woke up" things. And that is because I haven´t slept yet, haha! And I´m planning not to until the next night. 
I was at work the last one, so I am feeling a bit funny now. I just want to get into the right rhythm immediately so here we go! I haven´t done this before, except the time we went to Spain, but then I slept in the airplane, so it was not totally the same. 

When I got home from work, I had to visit a super market to buy some plugs, because we had the "old" kind of lamps for the ceiling, and those don´t fit here. But one is already done (except that Steven said that I put it in a wrong place, he wanted some other lamp to the living room). So basically none is done, heh! 

Now I´m going to sauna, it is already heated (and yes, we have a sauna, which is awesome) and put on a face mask and hair conditioner and hopefully get prettier, hahahah! 

Have a great Wednesday :-)


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