September 6, 2016


This is pretty much my uniform, when I don´t have work (then I have leggings and a t-shirt), just a simple blouse and tight pants to go with it. And a leather jacket, of course.

We went to look some furniture today, after we ate a huge dinner in O´learys. We both took hamburgers, mine was gluten free, as it has been since 2008 (stomach can´t handle gluten) and fries. It was so goooood! And again I ate way too much. That is our problem, we eat so much that after we can barely move, haha! 

Anyways, we might have found a sofa! It was so nice and big. It is so expensive tho, to buy all the furniture new... We have looked from the internet if there is something used, but a used couch... You know what people do on their couches... No thank you! 
Used kitchen table would be fine. Not any nice ones so far. 

Other than buying stuff, I love moving. It feels like a fresh start and I just looove packing. I hate unpacking. That´s why I think there will be unopened boxes months after we have moved in, haha! 

I have had a pretty good day, except that my whole body is hurting (including my head) and I have no idea why. Maybe it is because of the flu that I had. But otherwise good. Felix broke one of my necklaces tho, That sucked. He learned how to open my nightstand drawer and took it from there. I was so mad for a second, but I got over it. It is just material stuff, you can always replace it. 

Well, time to go to bed!
Good night!



  1. Kiva tyyli, mutta harmi kun kuvat ovat aika suttuisia :/

    1. Kiitos :) joo, tiedän, mulla on joku ongelma noiden kameran säätöjen kanssa :(


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