September 10, 2016


I'm not sad in these pictures, allthough I might look like it. It is possible that I'm tiny bit drunk, haha! And the Sun was so bright, it made my eyes water.

This is maybe the second time I got sleep almost eight hours after working at night. Usually I sleep like 5-7 hours. So how can I still be so freaking tired??!!
And I was angry as hell too when I finally woke up. I yelled at my boyfriend when he came too close to me, haha! NOT a "morning" person, that's for sure. And if I take a nap or have to sleep during the day, it is even worse. Like, don't come close to me, I might kill you- kinda person.

This is the last night, thank god, so that of course means four days off from work. This time I'm thinking of not taking any extra shifts at s grocery store, since I have to start packing and cleaning the soon-to-be-old- apartment.
Have to run now, work starts in 5 minutes and I still have use the bathroom, heh.

Talk to you later.
Good night


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