September 4, 2016


I have pretty much zero inspiration to do this post. I just feel so sick and tireeeed. I wish this stupid flu would just go away already. 
I have just been lying on the sofa all day and done absolutely nothing. Every time I get up, my head is spinning and I hate that feeling. Couldn´t even sleep last night, because my nose was blocked and I can´t fell asleep if I have to breath through my mouth, haha! I don´t know what´s up with that. 

This look, btw, is from Barcelona. My boyfriend burned his skin on the third day, so we couldn´t go to the beach anymore, so we just scrolled around in the city and went to see La Sagrada Família and some other Gaudís´ buildings. Impressive, I have to say.
Both the skirt and the t-shirt are from Bershka, the bag is Esprit and the shoes, I have no idea, haha! Old ones, you see.

I have to get to bed now, I feel so tired.


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