September 18, 2016


A few more pictures of Liine :-)

This day was crazy. Well not crazy, but I was so damn tired so it felt like everything, at both jobs, went wrong, haha! You know that feeling when you are tired and all goes wrong? My day was like that. Nothing really worked, haha!
And when I got back home, my boyfriend had drank all coca-cola. I mean, how can somebody drink 1,5 liters of cola in one day :-D I was so mad (I still am a bit, I dreamed about a cold glass of cola all day and when I got home, there was none). 
Small problems, I know, haha! But he could have told me that he pore all of it down his throat so I could have gone to the store. Well, whatever. I´m just tired and then I hate when things don´t go like I wanted.

Okay, I wanna sleep now.


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