September 23, 2016


Sometimes I really hate myself.

I don´t know how it is possible for me to ALWAYS manage to break my phones.
The first one was my first smartphone. I dropped it. Multiple times. I mean like ten times everyday. It was pretty hard to crack. The time I got those cracks, was when I threw my phone to the couch and I it missed. Yes, my fault. 

The second phone look pretty bad, right? That happened when I was at work and needed to pee. So in the toiler I leaned to put my pants down and the phone was in my chest pocket. It dropped. Straight to its screen. I almost cried. Maybe I did a little. And the engineer from work said that I shouldn´t bring it to the clean room anymore, that it doesn´t look so clean. So I bought a new one.

And what happened?
After a few glasses of wine with Liine, I got up really fast and the phone was on the bench next to me. I managed to move my hands just right to make the phone drop... And I have had that phone two weeks before that happened. I even bought a cover so that wouldn´t happen again. Clearly I should have one of those old phones that didn´t break no matter how hard you tried...

Yes, I shouldn´t have any nice things :-(


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