November 6, 2016


Hello guys!

Yesterday we went to a friends 30th birthday party. It was nice, that all of them spoke Finnish when I was near.
Almost all of them speak Swedish as a first language and I'm so bad at it (I used to be fluent, but when I learned Spanish while in CR, I forgot all my Swedish and since then it has been super hard for me to relearn it), so it was heart warming for them to make sure I understood everything.

It was a great party, the birthday boy (man? Haha) got a gift card to jump from an airplane. That sounds pretty sweet!

Now I'm at work and to be honest, I don't feel that great. I didn't drink too much and I went home pretty early, but I'm just so tireeeed. Should not drink at all! Not worth it, once again.
 I always say that the next day, but do it again anyway, haha! Well gotta go now, break is over and it's time to do some serious work!


P.S. sorry about the typos. I'm tired and I can't think.

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