November 5, 2016


Our kitcheeeeen!

 As I said, it is not nearly done, but getting closer minute by minute :-) and because there is two people living in our house, we have to compromise a lot, this table was the only one that we could agree on. If I lived alone, I probably wouldn't have picked that one, but I'm super happy about it after all. I remember us looking for it and with every other table I was like "hate it" and when I saw this one I was like "That's weird, I don't hate this one" haha!

 Btw I totally forgot to tell you that I quit smoking!
 It's been almost two weeks now without it (I use mints and gum still) and I would love to tell you that it has been great, that I don't miss it at all and I feel so much better. But no, it's like being in hell!
 I feel excatly the same, only difference is that I don't get to smoke. Also those mints and gums are making me gassy (oh yes, you are very welcome for that information, it's my pleasure).
But it's getting easier every day. And hopefully soon I won't even think about it anymore.

Next year would have been the tenth year of smoking for me and I don't wanna have that anniversary, so this time I really decided to be serious about quitting.

 That's all from today folk! Have a great weekend

 P.s I'm too lazy to tranlate this into Finnish, sorryyyyy


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