November 14, 2016


Good morning!
It´s a new week. This year has gone by so fast! If you asked me how was my summer, I wouldn´t know. I have no idea what I did, haha! Feels like there never were a summer this year.
And now there is snow in the ground and it´s like only one and a half months until next year! That is crazy! But I´m happy, wasn´t the best year of my life, so I´m looking forward for the next one :-) Just the fact that I´m getting older sucks. I wanna stay young foreveeeeer! Buu for ageing!!!!

Well I have to run nor, It is a work day and need to take Felix out before heading there.



P.S. I still don´t feel any better after quitting smoking. I think I was set up...

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