November 11, 2016


I don´t know if that even really is a poncho, but it looks like it :-) I love it! It´s so warm and comfortable and also pretty. My boyfriend hated it, of course, he doesn´t like any bold prints or colors. He didn´t actually say anything, but it was only because I already bought it and there was nothing he could do about it, haha!

I still feel kinda weird, after the night shifts, I always do and it doesn´t matter how I do the sleeping after it, nothing works. Yesterday I was supposed to go to Turku, but everything hurt and I felt horrible, I thought I was gonna get sick, but seems like it was just because I was up all night. I´m knocking wood now, so I won´t get sick, heh! 

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday! 


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