February 24, 2017


In the lack of anything, here is Felix enjoying his Friday :-D 

Hello blog! 
We have a nice weekend ahead. Tomorrow we are going to Ikea and buy some plants and maybe some other stuff as well. I think we have to finally take that carpet to a cleaner, since Felix decided to do his business on that white whool carpet when he had diarea. How nice! It has been rolled against the wall for a while now and it smells horrible, haha! 

Later in the evening a couple of friends are coming to our home and we are going to eat and drink wine :-) how nice is that?
 Buuuut, that means a whole lot of cleaning we have to do! Our apartment is a mess, as usually, haha! I'm thinking of doing some changes to the livingroom, I think it looks too full right now and that is not good, especially when you have a small apartment like we do.

 I don't know, maybe we will do something togerther today as well. Most likely we are just going to eat and watch a movie. But I like that. Or this new show we found on Netflix, Locked up. It's crazy in US prisons! I thought Orange is the new black was over the top a little bit, but noup. 
I would never be able to stay there, I would definitely be somebodys bitch since I can't stand up for myself :-D :-(


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