February 21, 2017


Yesterday I told you about my addiction to zalando lounge.
 So I'm going keep up with that topic and introduce you to my new watch from Fossil.
I love watches, but I don't own that many,
because I rarely find anything I like for a reasonable price (it is an impossible combo, heh). When you saw this watch, however, I really liked it and it was on sale as well, so why not order it? It's girly and big, just how I wanted it to be.
The only bad thing tho, is that when I used it for the first time, I hit it to a wall, so now it has scratches :-( that happens every time, tho. I should never buy anything nice, haha!

Other thing with me right now, is that I have been feeling kinda angry for the last few days. I think I have slept too little. Today I'm going to bed earlier!
I have to wake up so early, it is hard to go to sleep eight hours before that. But I have to try, so I won't be so damn tired all the time.

Well, gotta run now, coffee break is over



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