March 2, 2017


Thank God it's almost weekend! One more day and I can relax. For some reason I have been extra tired this week and had a lot of headaches. Like I am having now. 
My weekend plans are pretty much to lay in the sofa, eat, drink tea and blog. Like in these pictures I took a couple of days ago. 

Filming went great yesterday, I got a fake boyfriend and all, haha! It was so much fun that the set was in three languages, Spanish, English and Finnish and because I can understant them all, I was well informed, haha! Other than that, it was lot of waiting, as these always are and I decided to be social, instead of looking at my phone and yes, definitely worth it, such nice people in there :-) I talked to an older man and came out that he knows my mom. Such a small world! Or maybe it is just Turku? 

I'm on my lunch break right now, I was so tired in the morning that I just bought a smoothie for lunch, so I quess that I'm going to be hungry pretty soon. Well, it's just three more hours and then I'm out! Have to pick up the carpet from the cleaners and then I have this new jacket at the post office, I hope so at least, that I have get as well. Today I'm going to try to get some sleep earlier. 


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