March 16, 2017


Hello from a very tired girl!
 Yes, I am tired, once again. I don't know why I'm always so damn tired. It sucks!
I'm at work now, having lunch, rice noodles, vegetables and spicy tofu (my favorite dinner/lunch!) They gave me a student to teach. It is funny, since I have been here less than two months and the guy I am teaching has also been here the same time, only in a different part of the factory. This job is easy for sure, but I don't know all the  stuff and it's weird to put me in charge for someones learning.  And as it turned out, I suck at teaching, haha! I don't have any temper for this. I can't really explain stuff and then I get annoyed that he doesn't understand me. Also what is bothering me a little, is that you are supposed to get paid to teach someone and I won't be, because it is not officially a learning situation.  So yeah, trying my best tho. It would be more fun if I felt more confident about my area of work. I still have to ask sometimes what to do, so I am terrified I'm gonna teach something wrong...

I'm sorry, I have no time to translate this, so hope all the finnish readers don't mind. Have a great Thursday!


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