May 29, 2017


My legs are still so sore, even tho it has been four days since my leg day with a trainer! I mean, seriously, every time I try to sit or move my legs, I grin because of the pain. That trainer really destroyed my legs, haha! 
I can´t wait to train with him again! I was so weak after the last workout, but still, somehow, it feels great! Before I really didn´t think that a trainer will do any difference what so ever, I mean, I can go to the gym and workout just as well by my self. WRONG! He makes me push so much harder. 

I was supposed to have a workout with him today, but I had to cancel, because I am totally blocked, I can´t breath through my nose and I feel so weak. I hope it is just a small thing, since we are going to Portugal on Thursday. I am so exited about that! I really need a small getaway right now. 

I have been eating what so ever lately, so that is one thing that I am going to fix when I come back from our trip, my diet. It´s been bad, I know it. I have been eating too little, too unhealthy food, not really paying any attention to it. It is not about how I look, I don´t really care if I get little bit bigger, as long as my clothes fit (good thing that I love loose clothes, haha!), but how I feel. I feel tired now all the time and I am pretty sure it´s due to my diet. And it is also bad for my goal to get some muscles, because I don´t think I´am getting enough protein and other nutrients. 

I have to get to bed now, so sorry, too tired (after two hour nap) to translate this into Finnish. 

Have a great week!


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  1. I have just started an intense exercise regime so I know what you mean about sore legs. You are looking great

  2. It's always healthy to work out once it helps keep us in good health and shape as well. You look so gorgeous though. Have a great week too..

  3. I must say good practice to be sound and healthy...its inspiration for me cos planning to acquire a new excercise.

  4. Oh..I have never attempted working out with a trainer...I hear the pain is crazy afterwards...

  5. these red runners are looking so vibrant !! nice Mix and Match


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