May 31, 2017


Tomorrow we are leaving to Porto! I am so happy! Even tho I got really sick yesterday and I had to skip a work day today, but after a whole day of sleeping and drinking tea, I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Hope that it is not going to get worse, I don´t like flying as it is and if I am sick as well it is not going to be fun for whom ever is travelling with me, haha!

I am almost done at packing, just few more things and I am good to go. And tomorrow, at this time, we will be drinking wine and eating good food under the Portugal sun :-) 
I don´t think I am going to post anything while I am in there, because my camera doesn´t have wi-fi, so I can´t transfer pictures to my phone and I am definitely not taking my laptop with me, it´s huge! But maybe I will post some pictures from my phone? And do better posts with better photos when I come back. How does that sound?

Anyway, this was my look a couple of days ago, when it was still warm (it´s getting colder now, hopefully it will be warmer in Porto) and you could go out without a jacket. I love that top I bought from Barcelona, it is such a fun top, reminds me of when I was a kid and those rope things where a big thing. This is a really simple look, really my go-to- combo, it looks cool and put together, but truly there is nothing special, it just works every time. 

My favorite thing about this look is those earring tho! I got them from Silver Bar Finland and fell in love with them right away! The big hoop goes behind your year, it is kinda like a BB- earring. I wanna wear them all the time now, heh! 

I have to get going now, we are making sure to hit that bikini body goal hard, so I am ordering pizzas for us, haha! Maybe next summer...


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