June 20, 2017


Hello, loves!

Seems like I accidentally posted these pictures here yesterday. I was supposed to write a text as well, but I was too tired. But lets get to this. 
So on Saturday, a few weeks back when we were in Porto, we had that morning walk. When we got back to the hotel, we had no idea what to do that day. My boyfriend googled "What to do in Porto" and this bridge climbing thing came out. So that is what we decided to do!

The bridge was near to our hotel, so it was easy to walk there. The clime was 12,5 euros each, so it wasn´t too expensive. In that particular bridge there are 250 steps you have to clime. There is, of course, a safety harness that you put on. Our group was about ten people and we climbed in line. The view from the top was amazing! But the best thing about that climb was probably our guide, Inés. She was awesome, friendly and so pretty (not relevant on climbing, but just had to say that).
She gave us tips on what to do in Porto, what we should see and experience. 
We had some portwine uo there and after looking at amazing view for a while, we climbed down. 

In the evening I wanted to go out for a fancy dinner. This is something I want to do every time I´m abroad! I really wanted to put on a pretty little dress, but it was so cold there in the evening, so I decided to put on trousers and a blouse. It was a smart choice, because we ended up eating outside, because the restaurant was so full. 
We went to this restaurant called traça and it was located in the central of old town. There are so many restaurants in that street, I think the street was Rua De Flores, but I´m not sure if I remember correctly. I chose it after a quick comparison and I think it was a right choice. The food was so good! Well my main course wasn´t amazing, but the starter was delicious. And the dessert! I have never tasted anything so good! It was a cheese cake mousse from heaven! I need to have that again, haha! If possible, every damn day!

And the wine was great as well :-) After that we ordered an über and went home. This was the day when the junkie park was out of control! It was crazy! There where whores and people selling stuff and buying stuff and people using stuff! Looked pretty hard core!

So that was our Saturday in Porto!

Have a great Wednesday!


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